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Our new TV stand June 28, 2010

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So yesterday I posted the before of my former-1960’s hutch-turned-TV stand. Here’s what she looked like yesterday…

Poor girl. She needed a makeover! Here’s what she looks like today…

This is not the best picture but she is oh so pretty. The green is actually much brighter in person. This looks sort of mint green when its actually more neon green. (It is Glidden New Grass Green.) I’m sure its not for everyone, but I love it! And it was VERY inexpensive. I paid $25 for the vintage hutch-this is the bottom part and I’m going to use the top part for storage in my scrapbook room. You can’t beat 2 pieces of furniture for $25! I used Glidden Onyx Black-it was free from a promotion last year. The green was also free from Glidden (I love you Glidden!). The only thing I actually had to spend money on was $5 for the paint brushes and around $2 for the knobs! I am so happy with how this turned out and I can’t wait to get started on my next project (new-old kitchen table!). I am going to try to post some more details maybe tomorrow when I can get some better photos. I’m also still trying to figure out how I want everything situated. I was just so excited to take a picture that I couldn’t wait any longer! I will be on the lookout for a treasure to replace my owl this weekend when I hit some yard sales, its just not working out there.

Did I mention I love my new stand?? (Her name is Ethel by the way. I said she needed a name, and my Gma suggested Ethel. Perfection. And yes I named a piece of furniture, but only because she’s so pretty.) Special thanks to my grandparents for letting me keep this thing in the garage while I thought, and thought, and thought some more about how I was going to paint it, and for helping me yesterday, and just for being the 2 greatest people in the whole world. Also thanks to my hubby for bringing it home and listening while I went on and on about how to make it just right. And for going out to get dinner because we’re both exhausted now. ;o)

Now I’m going to go play on my new computer for a bit and wait for dinner! Then I guess I’ll have to put all of our movies and TV stuff away before the kids decide to demolish my DVD towers…

Thanks for stopping in!


Sunday Shopping!

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I have had a wonderful day! I was awake before my men this morning, so I thought I’d take a trip down the road to see if I could find any yard sales. I found one and it was definitely worth the trip!

I LOVE these 2 purses! The green one is Liz Claiborne and is so much cuter in person! I already stuffed it full of my crap and toted it to church today! And the black one is very “me”. They were both $1 each! I also got Aaron a new game for his V-Smile for only 50 cents! Woo hoo!

After that we all got ready and headed to church. Then we took a trip to Walmart for some mulch and milk, and I used up some coupons to get these goodies:

I got 5 packs of Pampers Wipes, 9 small Coppertones, a Coppertone stick, and 2 large bottles of Coppertone. I would’ve spent $64.74 for all of this, but after coupons I spent only $6.74! I know I now have a ton of sunblock and wipes, but I’ll be passing some of it along, plus I will be making Christmas baskets for friends and family full of good things they can use, so I use a lot of my coupon goodies for that too!

While we were at Walmart, Jamie also bought me this:

No big deal, just a new, totally awesome HP laptop. Who am I kidding, its a HUGE deal! I am so excited to spend tomorrow morning playing with my new toy. We got an AWESOME deal on it-almost half price! I will be so happy to not have keys that stick and type 10 letters when I want just 1, not to mention I’m missing my F key that one of the boys pulled off that I couldn’t put back on! My husband sure is great.

After we got home from Walmart, I worked on this beauty for a few hours. Doesn’t she look pathetic? Poor girl. :o( I have been so indecisive about what to use this for (it was previously a 2 piece hutch) and what colors to paint it that its just sitting in my grandparents garage for a few months. This is my first furniture re-do, and I was just scared to ruin it! With some sanding, painting, and help from my amazing grandparents, she is now FABULOUS. Check back tomorrow to see the results!

After my painting adventure I ran to Rite Aid to use my last 2 Coppertone coupons that expired today. I also picked up a pack of Huggies on sale, because I only needed to buy 1 more so that I can get a coupon for a free pack! I paid $8.97 for all of this-would’ve been $35!

What a good day for me, lol.  It also happens to be Jamie and I’s anniversary, so it was nice to spend some time with him! Now I’m off to soak my aching muscles in the bubble bath. Only have a million and one things to do tomorrow. ;o)


Dear Huggies Pull-Ups-You Rock! June 27, 2010

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Wondering what could put a smile like that on my kid’s face? Sheriff Woody of course! Aaron just received a good night call from Woody, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so excited over anything. It was one of the best minutes of my life. ;o) After sitting with him for 3/4 of the call, I finally remembered my camera and ran to get it; luckily a few pictures turned out! If your little guy would enjoy a call from Woody (or Princess Tiana for the girls!), just go here. Thanks Pull-Ups! What a great ending to an already awesome day!


Saturday Fun (June 26 Yard Sale Finds)

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Today was a great day! I was able to hit up a few yard sales early this morning, then Jamie and I took Aaron to see Toy Story 3. We all loved it! (I cried.) So good. The best part was that I had two free tickets from buying the Toy Story 1 & 2 DVDs (which I got for $7 each!)! Then we went out for lunch at Texas Steakhouse (YUM) then headed to the park for a birthday party. I just loved spending the day with my three guys. :o) I am such a lucky girl.
Now for my yard sale goodies! I didn’t buy a lot today, but what I bought I LOVE!

First up, a like new Columbia coat for Aaron. I try to buy about 95% of the boys clothes secondhand, and I always try to  buy ahead so that I don’t have to go out and pay full price when a new season rolls around. I’m sure this coat cost at least $70 new-I paid $5. It is in perfect condition, and Aaron will be able to wear it for the next two winters! Then we’ll pass it along to Alex!

I have really been wanting a door mat for our front door, just haven’t wanted to spent $12-$25 on one at the store. I found this one for $1, and it is perfect for my little Mountaineer family!

I am crazy about this lamp. Can’t wait to go find a shade for it. I will be using this lamp in a reading nook I’m trying to create in a little corner of our living room. It is unique and very ME, and for $5, I snatched it right up!

I saw this from far away, and just thought it looked like a pretty picture. When I got up close I saw that it was actually needlepoint! So beautiful! Here’s a closeup:The colors are bright and vibrant, and it is just perfection. I’m not crazy about the frame-its a yucky gold color-so at some point I will slap a coat of paint on it. Probably orange. Who knows, I’m quite indecisive. I paid a whopping $5 for my vintage needlepoint-one of my favorite finds ever!

I had looked at this gorgeous canvas earlier in the day, but I was out of cash so I left it, but I thought about it all day. Jamie and I went back a few hours later and he decided to get it! He got it for only $5 (down from $8!). It is pretty big-34 inches square, and is going to be perfect for behind our couch.

These were my great finds for the day. I also got Aaron a cute Childrens Place shirt, a Play Doh farm set, and a Grinch board game-all for $1 each. I didn’t come home with anything for poor Alex! There’s always next week though! We may not have much money, but I love knowing that I can get our beautiful boys everything they need, and lots of other goodies just for fun!

I am beyond exhausted, but I had such a great day! I am getting ready to watch a Beethoven movie with Aaron then head to bed. We may cuddle on the couch and share some popcorn. We have church in the morning, and then I’m hoping to paint my hutch (more on that in another post), weed my gardens, and pick some green beans. That’s my fantasy to-do list-I’ll probably just end up putting toys away, doing laundry, and changing diapers all day though! Oh well, I’m good either way. ;o)


Deals and Steals for the week of June 20 June 26, 2010

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I had a pretty good shopping week! Saved lots of money, which is always good! ;o) Here’s what came home with me this week:


2 Oscar Meyer Bacon

3 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meats

2 Kool Aid Jammers

1 Capri Sun

1 Kraft Cheese

1 Doritos

1  Cheetos

Spent: $30 My mom and I went together and both bought $30 worth of participating groceries, so we were able to get a catalina for Hersheypark where we can get 4 tickets for $15 each! What an awesome deal!

Saved: $87.12 (Including the tickets!)

Rite Aid:

4 TGI Fridays Snacks

1 Butterfinger

1 York Peppermint Patty

Spent: $1.26!

Saved: $9.45


1 Huggies  Jeans Diapers (Can’t wait to take pics of Alex in these!)

4 Nivea Lip Balms

1 CVS Shaving Cream

1 CVS Curling Brush

Spent: $7.21

Saved: $32.06!


1 Spot Shot

1 Kraft Macaroni

2 Olay Total Effects Body Wash

Owl Bank (I’m in love)

2 Ziploc Bags

1 ZooPals Plates (For Alex’s Jungle party!)

2 John Freida

Spent: $8.52

Saved: $41.14


5 Pampers Wipes

4 Coppertone Sunscreens

1 Lysol Soap Dispenser

1 Glad Forceflex Trash Bags

1 Benadryl

1 Benadryl Itch Relief Stick

2  Carefree

1 Pull Ups Wipe

Spent: $7.89

Saved: $40.47

My savings since January 1st: $5,214!!


Yay! I’m a blogger again! June 24, 2010

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I haven’t blogged in months (since I got locked out of my old blog-Grr…) and I’ve really missed it.  So here I am again. Even if no one reads this but my grandma (Hi Gma-Love you!), that’s ok! At least I’m having fun. :o)
Thanks for stopping by!