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Saturday Fun (June 26 Yard Sale Finds) June 27, 2010

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Today was a great day! I was able to hit up a few yard sales early this morning, then Jamie and I took Aaron to see Toy Story 3. We all loved it! (I cried.) So good. The best part was that I had two free tickets from buying the Toy Story 1 & 2 DVDs (which I got for $7 each!)! Then we went out for lunch at Texas Steakhouse (YUM) then headed to the park for a birthday party. I just loved spending the day with my three guys. :o) I am such a lucky girl.
Now for my yard sale goodies! I didn’t buy a lot today, but what I bought I LOVE!

First up, a like new Columbia coat for Aaron. I try to buy about 95% of the boys clothes secondhand, and I always try to  buy ahead so that I don’t have to go out and pay full price when a new season rolls around. I’m sure this coat cost at least $70 new-I paid $5. It is in perfect condition, and Aaron will be able to wear it for the next two winters! Then we’ll pass it along to Alex!

I have really been wanting a door mat for our front door, just haven’t wanted to spent $12-$25 on one at the store. I found this one for $1, and it is perfect for my little Mountaineer family!

I am crazy about this lamp. Can’t wait to go find a shade for it. I will be using this lamp in a reading nook I’m trying to create in a little corner of our living room. It is unique and very ME, and for $5, I snatched it right up!

I saw this from far away, and just thought it looked like a pretty picture. When I got up close I saw that it was actually needlepoint! So beautiful! Here’s a closeup:The colors are bright and vibrant, and it is just perfection. I’m not crazy about the frame-its a yucky gold color-so at some point I will slap a coat of paint on it. Probably orange. Who knows, I’m quite indecisive. I paid a whopping $5 for my vintage needlepoint-one of my favorite finds ever!

I had looked at this gorgeous canvas earlier in the day, but I was out of cash so I left it, but I thought about it all day. Jamie and I went back a few hours later and he decided to get it! He got it for only $5 (down from $8!). It is pretty big-34 inches square, and is going to be perfect for behind our couch.

These were my great finds for the day. I also got Aaron a cute Childrens Place shirt, a Play Doh farm set, and a Grinch board game-all for $1 each. I didn’t come home with anything for poor Alex! There’s always next week though! We may not have much money, but I love knowing that I can get our beautiful boys everything they need, and lots of other goodies just for fun!

I am beyond exhausted, but I had such a great day! I am getting ready to watch a Beethoven movie with Aaron then head to bed. We may cuddle on the couch and share some popcorn. We have church in the morning, and then I’m hoping to paint my hutch (more on that in another post), weed my gardens, and pick some green beans. That’s my fantasy to-do list-I’ll probably just end up putting toys away, doing laundry, and changing diapers all day though! Oh well, I’m good either way. ;o)


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