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Sunday Shopping! June 28, 2010

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I have had a wonderful day! I was awake before my men this morning, so I thought I’d take a trip down the road to see if I could find any yard sales. I found one and it was definitely worth the trip!

I LOVE these 2 purses! The green one is Liz Claiborne and is so much cuter in person! I already stuffed it full of my crap and toted it to church today! And the black one is very “me”. They were both $1 each! I also got Aaron a new game for his V-Smile for only 50 cents! Woo hoo!

After that we all got ready and headed to church. Then we took a trip to Walmart for some mulch and milk, and I used up some coupons to get these goodies:

I got 5 packs of Pampers Wipes, 9 small Coppertones, a Coppertone stick, and 2 large bottles of Coppertone. I would’ve spent $64.74 for all of this, but after coupons I spent only $6.74! I know I now have a ton of sunblock and wipes, but I’ll be passing some of it along, plus I will be making Christmas baskets for friends and family full of good things they can use, so I use a lot of my coupon goodies for that too!

While we were at Walmart, Jamie also bought me this:

No big deal, just a new, totally awesome HP laptop. Who am I kidding, its a HUGE deal! I am so excited to spend tomorrow morning playing with my new toy. We got an AWESOME deal on it-almost half price! I will be so happy to not have keys that stick and type 10 letters when I want just 1, not to mention I’m missing my F key that one of the boys pulled off that I couldn’t put back on! My husband sure is great.

After we got home from Walmart, I worked on this beauty for a few hours. Doesn’t she look pathetic? Poor girl. :o( I have been so indecisive about what to use this for (it was previously a 2 piece hutch) and what colors to paint it that its just sitting in my grandparents garage for a few months. This is my first furniture re-do, and I was just scared to ruin it! With some sanding, painting, and help from my amazing grandparents, she is now FABULOUS. Check back tomorrow to see the results!

After my painting adventure I ran to Rite Aid to use my last 2 Coppertone coupons that expired today. I also picked up a pack of Huggies on sale, because I only needed to buy 1 more so that I can get a coupon for a free pack! I paid $8.97 for all of this-would’ve been $35!

What a good day for me, lol.  It also happens to be Jamie and I’s anniversary, so it was nice to spend some time with him! Now I’m off to soak my aching muscles in the bubble bath. Only have a million and one things to do tomorrow. ;o)


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