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Always biting off more than I can chew… December 13, 2010

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I had the bright idea of making snowflake crayons for all of Aaron’s friends and cousins (and 1 uncle!) for Christmas. A little gift just from him. I decided that I would make 4-6 for each kid-12 kids. So I would need at least 55 after counting in all of the ones that Aaron wanted to keep. :o) I’ve been making these things for 3 days. I peeled 300-400 crayons. I just took a set out and decided that I quit. We have 41. Enough for each kiddo to get 3-4 and a set for Aaron. I always have these bright ideas but can never seem to follow through or finish what I start! Even though I didn’t make as many as I set out too, I still made enough, and I’m more than happy with the end result. They are so pretty. :o)

(Not a great picture, I was too tired to grab the camera and my phone was right there!) The boys have had a pretty good day today. Aaron seems like he might be coming down with a cold though. Always  just in time for Christmas… Alex has been his normal sweet self. Aaron helped me go through the toys in the playroom today. He was so helpful and this was the first time that he was actually throwing toys in the donate box and not trying to keep everything! Once I told him we were giving his old toys to another kid who maybe didn’t have many toys, I had to stop him from putting everything in the box! He is so sweet.

Not much going on today! Just cleaning out toys and making crayons. We are wild and crazy!


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