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Hallelujah!! December 14, 2010

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ALEX SLEPT ALL NIGHT LAST NIGHT!! I want to scream it from the rooftops! This was his 6th night on the melatonin, and they said it would take a week to see its full effects. I am praying that this is the answer to a prayer.

Unfortunately, I was up with a sick Aaron last night, so I didn’t get to enjoy Alex’s full night of sleep!  He does not like being sick and turns into a huge baby (hmmm… reminds me of someone… oh yeah, his Dad!). But I don’t mind babying him a bit-he is growing up so fast.  Late last night he was coughing a lot, so I spiked a drink with some medicine for him, but he didn’t want to drink it. So after about 20 minutes of begging him to drink, I bribed him with a present. Around midnight I snuck into my gift closet, unwrapped a present for him (something Toy Story of course!) and he sucked his drink-and meds-right down. I guess a little bribery never hurt! Luckily he perked up this afternoon, and has been singing and dancing so I know he’s feeling better. I am hoping that since he was sick now, he won’t be for Christmas. The two of us are always sick for Christmas! Fingers crossed!

I am getting excited about a little-ok, kinda big-project that popped into my head the other day. Since we put the trampoline up in the playroom, it just takes up too much room. Its not a very big room, it used to be the dining room, but I needed a safe place for Alex to be, and it had to be somewhere that I could watch him every second. So I have decided to make the old dining room/now playroom our living room, and make the living room our playroom. Our living room is kind of odd shaped, its a long rectangle, and I can only arrange furniture in one way that works and I’ve never liked it. So I have everything layed out in my head (and on paper!) and I just can’t wait to get started. I just have to wait to find a new desk that will accomodate our 2 computers and printer (our L-shaped one won’t fit, so its gotta go) and then I can get to work! I just love a project. :o) Our living room will be great in its new room (I can even get a coffee table which won’t fit now!) and our playroom will be a little bigger with lots of room for my babies to play. And most of all, safe and calming for my angel baby!

I am off to work on organizing the boys room. Santa will be here in only 11 days! Time to get rid of some more toys and go through their closet! Wish me luck. ;o)


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