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Fun shopping day! December 31, 2010

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I have had a fantastic day. This morning I went to breakfast with my grandparents, Jamie, and the boys. I adore my grandparents! Then my guys and I went shopping!

Between Walmart and Target, I think I got enough ornaments for us to have a fairly coordinated tree next year. We’ve had an ugly, mismatched tree for years now, so I’m looking forward to having a somewhat put together tree next year! I got almost $80 worth of ornaments and a tree topper for about $18! Woo hoo! Plus all of that glitter makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We found lots of other fun stuff too!

  • Christmas cactus- $2 (was $4!)
  • 2 Toy Story games- $2.54 each (was $15.09 each!)
  • 4 six packs of bubbles-$0.50 each (was $3 each!) These are great for party gift bags!
  • 3 craft kids-$0.75 each (was $3!) Sand art, mosaic kit, and window art.
  • Excedrin-FREE! (was $5.99!!)
  • 2 Nerds-$0.25 (was $1!)
  • 2 Shrek bandaids-$0.37 (was $1.87!)
  • 2 Glad trash bags-$4.49 (was $7.49!) This is one thing I don’t mind paying a little extra for!
  • 2 Rudolph light up headbands-$1 (was $4!)
  • 2 M&Ms tins-$0.50 (was $2!) Saving these for the Easter Bunny! :o)
  • Twizzlers gift pack-$1.25 (was $5!)
  • 2 Glade candle holders-$1.54 (was $2.99)
  • Christmas puzzles and stamps-$0.50 each (was $2!)

Can’t beat $177 worth of goodies for $47!! :o) Plus now we are all set for Christmas next year, I bought a few birthday presents, some bubbles for birthday bags, a few Easter basket goodies, and a few other things we needed. Yay for saving money! 

I’ve been working hard here at home for the last few hours. I have been so tired this week and haven’t done much of anything but cuddle with my babies! It was so nice though. I tried my new steam mop out today and I am in love. The little things make me happy. :o) Looking forward to ringing in the New Year with the three loves of my life tonight. Its a pretty good day to be me!


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