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An answer to a prayer!!! January 27, 2011

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Something happened to Alex on Tuesday. A switch flipped in his brain. He is 2 and a half years old, and in all of that time, he has never once eaten anything that wasn’t on a spoon. He has never taken a bite off of anything. He won’t eat anything that is solid, and since everything he eats is mushy he had no reason to chew. Well all of that changed 2 days ago…

Sometimes he’ll carry food around, but never eat it. He’s been putting things to his mouth lately though-french fries mostly. :o) Well two days ago he took a hamburger bun, put it to his mouth, and TOOK A BITE! Then he took another, and another, until he had eaten the whole thing. It was amazing. I sat here with tears in my eyes the entire time. I was so excited I had a hard time going to sleep! Since then he’s eaten a few pieces of bread, a cracker, a chip, pancakes, and a chicken nugget. I still can’t believe it. I was starting to think that he would never eat solid foods. What a huge breakthrough. This beautiful child is so amazing. God is so good!


Tiny vent and a new toy January 25, 2011

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I don’t know if other autism parents have this problem, but it is so hard for me to find toys that Alexander likes. And the toys I do find are way out of our price range. I longingly pour over the toys in all of our special needs catalogs, just waiting for the day when we win the lottery and can afford them. Lets be real though, that’s never going to happen! (But really, why do the wall panels that I lust over have to be $1,000 a piece??!! As if parents of special needs kids don’t have enough to deal with, lets make the things that would benefit their children cost way more than they’ll ever be able to afford. Come on, I paid $150 for a swing. Give me a break. Ugh.)

But anyway, when I find something that we can afford that I think Alex will like, I pick it up. Even though I know I’m taking the chance that he will hate it, I figure if I buy 10 toys and he likes one, then that’s money well spent. I can always resell it and get some of my money back, although most of the time Aaron ends up keeping it. I have a hard time paying full price for anything, and while browsing Craigslist for secondhand goods I came across this:

It is so fantastic. It is called the Battat Activity School Bus. It costs about $300. Whoa. I found ours on Craigslist for $50, and when we’re done with it I’m sure I can resell it that much. It has 16 different activities on it, but Alex’s favorite things to do are spin the wheels, and climb on top of it. I’m not sure that last one was included in the 16 activities from the company… It has definitely been a crowd pleaser in this house, and I am so glad we got it. Plus it is perfect in our playroom. I need to get some pictures of the boys playing with it. Definitely money well spent!


I love when the UPS man comes. :o)

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I love mail. I can hear my mail lady stop at my house and normally I run right out to see what goodies she brought me! But more than mail, I love packages. Who doesn’t?? I’ve gotten a few things in the past week that just made my day.

I love paint samples. I normally jump on any that I find because I know they will get used. All of the paint that I used for my entertainment stand here was free. I even painted a cute bench outside with some leftover paint from my stand. I especially love this paint sample because it came with a mini roller, tray, and a $5 coupon!! This sample is the blue color in the middle-Blue Burst. I am planning to use this color for the boys room when we start painting, so I am glad that I have some paint to try out to make sure that its perfect!

These goodies came from Medco. Eight toothpastes and 5 kids toothbrushes, all for only $1.44 shipped! What a deal!

I also got a $45 box of Huggies for $20 from Amazon. Not the best deal I’ve ever gotten, but diaper deals haven’t been great lately, so this works for me. It would work out to me paying under $4 a pack, and I haven’t seen any deals that good lately.

Isn’t mail just the best?!


1/24 Shopping Trip

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I forgot to post my shopping deals last week. I was sick and I have been exhausted since Al hasn’t been sleeping. I didn’t do much shopping, but I want to keep track of my totals, so here’s what I bought last week.

Michaels-Wreath, yarn, felt, foam brushes. Retail Value-$21. I spent $9.

Rite Aid-2 Stayfree, 2 Valentines chocolates, 2 M&M minis. RV-$13. I spent $0.60. :o) And I got $2 Ups back!

CVS-Dove Chocolate Bar, Physicians Formula makeup. RV-$10. I spent $2 and got $0.89 ECB back!

And here are my purchases from last night.

CVS-2 Scott TP, Xtra laundry detergent, Revlon nail polish and bronzer. RV-$43. I spent $4!

Weis-3 Marcal TP, Brillo pads, 2 Super Pretzels, Ziploc bags, 2 Blistex. RV-$17. I spent-$4!

Staples-36 ct. Bic Mark Its, 2 12 packs of Staples gel pens, 5 pack of Sharpies. RV-$33. I spent $7!

I also went to Martins, but don’t have a photo since I already put everything away. I bought Cheez Its, 4 Pop Tarts, 2 Kelloggs fruit snacks, 9 Kid Cuisines, 7 gluten free milks, 2 Tyson nuggets, and some gluten free noodles and sauce to make Al spaghetti. RV-$68. I spent-$41. Not a great savings, but it was a nice stock up trip!

My savings this trip-$138!

My savings for 2011-$558!


1/13 Shopping Trip January 14, 2011

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Since I began my journey to be a better shopper, I’ve learned the importance of a stockpile. Whether its food, cleaning supplies, school supplies, health and beauty items, or gifts, its nice to have extras on hand. If I find something at a rock bottom deal, I’ll buy ahead instead of having to pay full price down the road. There are 15 kids in our family that we buy birthday presents for throughout the year. If we spent $20 on each child, and say, $50 on our own two, that’s almost $400. And while we do love all of our nieces, nephews, etc., it is next to impossible for us to spend $20-$30 on a present everytime there’s a birthday. Especially in the summer when we have a birthday almost every week! So I like to stock up when toys are on sale. I keep a notebook with everyone’s name written down, things they like, and so on. I don’t just go and buy toys because they are a good deal, I buy them for a specific person in mind so that I’m not spending unnecessary money. Twice a year Target has a 75% off toy clearance sale. I love shopping this sale because it gives me a huge headstart in birthday/Christmas shopping. I was excited to find today-actually my hubby found out for me-that the toys were finally on clearance, so my hubby and I both hit up a Target today, and here’s what we got!

  • Fisher Price Little Mommy Play All Day Pony-$4.98 (was $19.99)
  • Iron Man Mega Blocks-$7.12 (was $28.49)
  • Kota and Pals Pteradactyl-$3.72 (was $14.89)
  • Kota and Pals Triceratops-$3.72 (was $14.89)
  • Ben 10 Watch-$4.98 (was $19.99)
  • 2 Family Fun Craft Kits (these were from Walmart)-$2.25 (was $7)
  • Kailan Tolee’s Treehouse-$6.24 (was $24.99)
  • Monster Tub Toy-$5.07 (was $20.29)
  • Rhino Rampage game-5.97 (was $23.89)
  • Pop goes Froggio game-$4.48 (was $17.99)
  • Circo Jungle Giraffe Band-$4.38 (was $17.59)

Total spent-$55!

Total saved-$162!!

Total spent in 2011-$137

Total saved in 2011-$420!!

I also picked up the CUTEST dress and shoes today, but I’ll save them for another post. I could not get a good enough picture, and since I got such good deals and I’m so in love with both of these items, I’ll give them a post just to themselves. :o)


Meal time January 12, 2011

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I never imagined that I would still be spoon feeding Alex when he was two and a half years old. I also never thought that most of his food would be baby food at this age either. He won’t chew. At all. He can, he just won’t. His sensory problems are pretty severe. When he gets even the smallest chunk of food on his tongue he spits it right out. So everything he eats has to be mushy. But after two years of me putting every spoonful of food into his mouth, he’s making some progress.

Yay Alex!! While he can’t scoop his food onto his spoon, he will put this spoon to his mouth, which is HUGE. This is all thanks to our amazing OT. She has done so much for Alex, and I will be sad when he turns three, because he won’t be able to see her anymore. It would be wonderful though if he could fully feed himself by then. We have six more months to work on it! Wouldn’t it be amazing if he could feed himself his birthday cake in July?!

This is definitely progress. I worry about how people are going to perceive him in his life, but to us, he is nothing but perfect. (And so, so cute!!) We love him so!


Why I can’t have nice things… January 10, 2011

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And this would be why I stay in sweats or PJs day in and day out! I am constantly covered in tiny people’s bodily functions (lot of snot normally, just keepin’ it real), paint, playdoh, or food. In today’s case-green beans all over my jeans. I also finally found something Alex doesn’t like to eat. :o)