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Meal time January 12, 2011

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I never imagined that I would still be spoon feeding Alex when he was two and a half years old. I also never thought that most of his food would be baby food at this age either. He won’t chew. At all. He can, he just won’t. His sensory problems are pretty severe. When he gets even the smallest chunk of food on his tongue he spits it right out. So everything he eats has to be mushy. But after two years of me putting every spoonful of food into his mouth, he’s making some progress.

Yay Alex!! While he can’t scoop his food onto his spoon, he will put this spoon to his mouth, which is HUGE. This is all thanks to our amazing OT. She has done so much for Alex, and I will be sad when he turns three, because he won’t be able to see her anymore. It would be wonderful though if he could fully feed himself by then. We have six more months to work on it! Wouldn’t it be amazing if he could feed himself his birthday cake in July?!

This is definitely progress. I worry about how people are going to perceive him in his life, but to us, he is nothing but perfect. (And so, so cute!!) We love him so!


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