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1/13 Shopping Trip January 14, 2011

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Since I began my journey to be a better shopper, I’ve learned the importance of a stockpile. Whether its food, cleaning supplies, school supplies, health and beauty items, or gifts, its nice to have extras on hand. If I find something at a rock bottom deal, I’ll buy ahead instead of having to pay full price down the road. There are 15 kids in our family that we buy birthday presents for throughout the year. If we spent $20 on each child, and say, $50 on our own two, that’s almost $400. And while we do love all of our nieces, nephews, etc., it is next to impossible for us to spend $20-$30 on a present everytime there’s a birthday. Especially in the summer when we have a birthday almost every week! So I like to stock up when toys are on sale. I keep a notebook with everyone’s name written down, things they like, and so on. I don’t just go and buy toys because they are a good deal, I buy them for a specific person in mind so that I’m not spending unnecessary money. Twice a year Target has a 75% off toy clearance sale. I love shopping this sale because it gives me a huge headstart in birthday/Christmas shopping. I was excited to find today-actually my hubby found out for me-that the toys were finally on clearance, so my hubby and I both hit up a Target today, and here’s what we got!

  • Fisher Price Little Mommy Play All Day Pony-$4.98 (was $19.99)
  • Iron Man Mega Blocks-$7.12 (was $28.49)
  • Kota and Pals Pteradactyl-$3.72 (was $14.89)
  • Kota and Pals Triceratops-$3.72 (was $14.89)
  • Ben 10 Watch-$4.98 (was $19.99)
  • 2 Family Fun Craft Kits (these were from Walmart)-$2.25 (was $7)
  • Kailan Tolee’s Treehouse-$6.24 (was $24.99)
  • Monster Tub Toy-$5.07 (was $20.29)
  • Rhino Rampage game-5.97 (was $23.89)
  • Pop goes Froggio game-$4.48 (was $17.99)
  • Circo Jungle Giraffe Band-$4.38 (was $17.59)

Total spent-$55!

Total saved-$162!!

Total spent in 2011-$137

Total saved in 2011-$420!!

I also picked up the CUTEST dress and shoes today, but I’ll save them for another post. I could not get a good enough picture, and since I got such good deals and I’m so in love with both of these items, I’ll give them a post just to themselves. :o)


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