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1/24 Shopping Trip January 25, 2011

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I forgot to post my shopping deals last week. I was sick and I have been exhausted since Al hasn’t been sleeping. I didn’t do much shopping, but I want to keep track of my totals, so here’s what I bought last week.

Michaels-Wreath, yarn, felt, foam brushes. Retail Value-$21. I spent $9.

Rite Aid-2 Stayfree, 2 Valentines chocolates, 2 M&M minis. RV-$13. I spent $0.60. :o) And I got $2 Ups back!

CVS-Dove Chocolate Bar, Physicians Formula makeup. RV-$10. I spent $2 and got $0.89 ECB back!

And here are my purchases from last night.

CVS-2 Scott TP, Xtra laundry detergent, Revlon nail polish and bronzer. RV-$43. I spent $4!

Weis-3 Marcal TP, Brillo pads, 2 Super Pretzels, Ziploc bags, 2 Blistex. RV-$17. I spent-$4!

Staples-36 ct. Bic Mark Its, 2 12 packs of Staples gel pens, 5 pack of Sharpies. RV-$33. I spent $7!

I also went to Martins, but don’t have a photo since I already put everything away. I bought Cheez Its, 4 Pop Tarts, 2 Kelloggs fruit snacks, 9 Kid Cuisines, 7 gluten free milks, 2 Tyson nuggets, and some gluten free noodles and sauce to make Al spaghetti. RV-$68. I spent-$41. Not a great savings, but it was a nice stock up trip!

My savings this trip-$138!

My savings for 2011-$558!


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