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I love when the UPS man comes. :o) January 25, 2011

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I love mail. I can hear my mail lady stop at my house and normally I run right out to see what goodies she brought me! But more than mail, I love packages. Who doesn’t?? I’ve gotten a few things in the past week that just made my day.

I love paint samples. I normally jump on any that I find because I know they will get used. All of the paint that I used for my entertainment stand here was free. I even painted a cute bench outside with some leftover paint from my stand. I especially love this paint sample because it came with a mini roller, tray, and a $5 coupon!! This sample is the blue color in the middle-Blue Burst. I am planning to use this color for the boys room when we start painting, so I am glad that I have some paint to try out to make sure that its perfect!

These goodies came from Medco. Eight toothpastes and 5 kids toothbrushes, all for only $1.44 shipped! What a deal!

I also got a $45 box of Huggies for $20 from Amazon. Not the best deal I’ve ever gotten, but diaper deals haven’t been great lately, so this works for me. It would work out to me paying under $4 a pack, and I haven’t seen any deals that good lately.

Isn’t mail just the best?!


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