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2/12 Shopping trip February 13, 2011

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I had to make a quick trip out this morning to get rid of 3 weeks of recycling (it was seriously taking over my house!), so I thought I’d stop at Rite Aid and CVS since I hadn’t made it there this week. I was pretty happy with my haul!


2 Excedrin, Clairol hair color, Schick Hydro Razor. Retail Value $31. I spent $2 and got back $1ECB!

Rite Aid:

1 Coldcalm, 1 Chestal (this stuff is FANTASTIC!), 2 Butterfinger Snackerz, 21 Mentos (yes, 21. I ordered coupons online so that I could get these for Aaron’s birthday bags! I also wanted to add that I made sure not to clear the shelf! I have never bought so many of one thing, but since it was the last day of the sale and they had plenty on the shelf I made sure to ask the cashier if she minded.) Retail Value $36. I spent $7 and I’ll get an $11 check back!!

How awesome is it that I got $67 worth of stuff today, and I’ll actually make $3?! I spend a lot of time printing and clipping and organizing and planning, but it is so worth it.

Total savings: $70 (after check)

Total savings for 2011: $735!


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