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2/18 Shopping Trip February 19, 2011

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I had a great time shopping with my mom last night, as always. Our weekly shopping trips are normally the only time I leave the house. Its always nice to get away for a few hours. Today I’m back to reality though-a mountain of laundry to tackle and more cleaning than I will ever get done in my lifetime. ;o) Enough of that, here are the goodies I brought home last night.


16 boxes of Lipton soup, 10 packs of Airheads. Retail Value $31. I spent $12!


2 Clorox Wipes, 2 packs of Spongebob pencils, Spongebob bags, Spongebob Blendy Pen set, Fun Dip, Quaker Oatmeal, Valentines Day banner, 2 double packs of Nature Made Vitamin D. Retail Value $44. I spent $10!

Pier 1:

2 Wood Tool Kits, Owl bank, Bird salt and pepper shakers, 13 Bob the Globs, 1 leather/chrome pen, 13 glitter bouncing balls. Retail Value $138 (what?!?!). I spent $18!

I was most excited to find a few things for Aaron’s birthday party bags-the bouncing balls, pencils, baggies, Airheads, and Bob the Globs. I think I have everything for his gift bags, and his party isn’t until April. It pays to start early!

Total saved today: $173

Total saved in 2011: $983!!


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