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2/22 Shopping Trip February 23, 2011

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I headed out to find some deals with Aaron today-that was fun. Yes, that is sarcasm. We were able to find a few things, and I thought we did pretty darn good.


6 packs of Marcal toilet paper, 8 boxes of Lipton soup. Retail Value $19. I spent $5!


Jelly Beans, 2 M&Ms, 2 3Musketeers, Cadbury Mini Eggs, EOS lip balm. Retail Value $10. I spent $0!!!


Glade air freshener, Seventh Generation cleaner, 2 Finish dishwashing tabs, 2 Reese’s Cups, 12 pack of Coke, 2 Ibuprofen, (not pictured) 2 Fun Dip Valentine packs, (not pictured) Nerds Valentine pack, 2 Halls cough drops, 1 pair of Converse jeans. Retail Value $70. I spent $3!!

Rite Aid: (This was actually 2 trips-my hubby gets the credit for the J&J baby stuff and the Pillow Pet!)

Finish Quantumatic, 2 Starburst, Sucrets, 8 Johnson and Johnson baby items, Pillow Pet. Retail Value $75!! We spent $22 and got $16 Up rewards back!!!

Amazon: (not pictured)

180 count box of Luvs. Retail Value $39. I spent $2!!!

Definitely a good week so far. I hope to go out at some point again this week to use up some coupons that are expiring and to find a few things that were out of stock today! My favorite purchases of the week-the awesome diaper deal, a $7 Pillow Pet, free toilet paper, free J&J baby stuff, and free jeans!! Woo hoo!

Total saved this week: $195!

Total saved in 2011: $1178!!


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