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2/25 and 2/26 Shopping Trip February 26, 2011

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My mom and I headed out last night for our weekly shopping trip. It is so nice to get out of the house for a few hours! We found lots of great deals and I definitely went home happy!


10 packs of Airheads, 2 Chocolate coins, Visine Eye Drops and Visine Soothing Wipes. Retail Value $28. I spent $5!


2 packs of chicken nuggets, 8 boxes of Lipton Soup, 2 boxes of Pizza Rolls, 2 English Muffins. Retail Value $37. I spent $17.


Egg Beaters, 10 pack of Popcorn, Chef Boyardee, 3 Gain fabric softeners, 2 Reach floss, 2 seed planters, 11 seed packets. Retail Value $30. I spent $13.


Up & Up Magic Erasers, Seventh Generation hand soap, Seventh Generation cleaner, Gain dish soap, Finish dishwasher tabs, jeans, bra, Spongebob wall decals, 2 Up & Up Ibuprofen, 2 Up & Up floss, 2 Up & Up pantiliners. Retail Value $74. I spent $18!

Rite Aid:

3 Desitin, 4 Hersheys Drops, Baby Powder, 3 Johnson and Johnson lotion/soap, Right Guard Body Wash. Retail Value $47. I spent $3 and got $17 Up Rewards back!!

Total saved this trip: $160!

Total saved in 2011: $1378!!

Favorite deals: Cute $3 jeans, free Desitin (we go through it like water), free/cheap Up & Up items, Spongebob wall decals for our bathroom, seeds to plant, free Visine, $0.60 Pizza Rolls, free Hershey’s Drops (Best. Things. EVER.), free Egg Beaters, free Chef Boyardee, free floss, super cheap Seventh Generation, free Finish. FUN shopping week for sure!


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