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3/5 & 3/6 Shopping Trip March 7, 2011

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No pictures, but I just want to keep track of my savings. :o)

Rite Aid:

3 Pepsi 12 packs, 2 Sambucol, 1 Dial lotion, 2 BodiHeat patches, 2 Nivea lip balm, Cottonelle wipes, Halls, Airwick Ultra, Thermacare, Keri lotion, Comtrex, 3 Mentos, 4 small bags of Hersheys Drops, 4 big bags of Hersheys Drops. Retail Value $124!! I spent $8!!! And we’ll get $12 back!!


Crest Pro Health mouthwash, Physicians Formula blush, gnome windchime. Retail Value $24. I spent $5!


Glade spray, 2 Up & Up magic erasers, pair of jeans, Excedrin. Retail Value $33. I spent $3!


4 Gain fabric softener sheets, 2 packs of undies. Retail Value $23. I spent $2!

Food Lion:

Pampers  diapers. Retail Value $10. I spent $3!

Total saved this trip: $192!!

Total saved in 2011: $1570!

Fantastic deals. Jamie helped with some of it too. :o) I got the following completely free: Sambucol, Dial lotion, Cottonelle wipes, Airwick Ultra, Hersheys Drops, Mentos, BodiHeat patches, Halls, Thermacare, Keri lotion, Comtrex, Crest mouthwash, Physicians Formula blush, Excedrin, and the jeans! Absolutely free, and some of it I even MADE money on! Can’t beat getting $140 worth of goodies for free!


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