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3/22 and 3/25 Shopping Trip March 23, 2011

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CVS: 3 Physicians Formula make up, 1 Dawn dish soap. Retail Value $30. I paid $3!

Walgreens: 12 Chex Mix, Always liners, 3 M&Ms, Method hand soap, Plackers flossers, Easter chocolate. Retail value $43. I spent $2 and got $6 back!

Target:  Huggies diapers, 2 A&D ointment, 2 Renuzit Crystal Elements, 4 Soft Scrub Total, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Starter Kits, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gels, Up & Up magic erasers, Up & Up lemon wipes, Kashi cereal, Up & Up liners, Spongebob stickers, 3 large gift bags, Crayola Color Explosion. Retail Value $82. I spent $21!

Soap.com: 4 Toy Story gummy vitamins. Retail Value $30. I spent $13!

Total saved this trip: $146

Total saved in 2011: $ 2029!

Favorite deals: 33 cent Chex Mix, Toy Story vitamins-the only ones Aaron will take, the large gift bags for $0.74, and $30 worth of Physicians Formula (my favorite!) for $2! I got a lot of free stuff this trip-that makes me super happy. :o)

**Friday night shopping deals!

Amazon: Case of Luvs Wipes (4-216 packs). Retail Value $31. I spent $7!

Martins: 6 Hanover frozen brocolli, Scotties tissues. Retail Value $14. I spent $3!

CVS: Huggies jean diapers, 3 Mentos mints, 2 Listerine mouthwash. Retail Value $22. I spent $3!

Rite Aid: 2 Lysol wipes, 6 Nutra Nail products, Veet, Blink Tears, 2 Lady Speed Stick. Retail Value $71. I spent $2 and got $14 back!!

Target: 2 A&D ointment, Shout wipes, Capris, 23 Kool Aid packets, Animal decals, 3 Granola bars, face cream, 2 Reese’s cups. Retail Value $55. I spent $12!

Total saved: $165

Total saved in 2011: $2194

Favorite deals: All of my Rite Aid scores (I love Rite Aid!), $2 Huggies jean diapers (they are so cute on my baby’s bum!), and $0.03 for all of the Kool Aid!!


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