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4/7 Shopping Trip! (and a tiny rant!) April 8, 2011

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I feel like I had a realistic shopping trip last night. Lately all I’ve been hearing about is that new couponing show, which is basically about these greedy, hoarding, shelf clearers who’s every waking minute is focused on coupons and who take 2 hours just to check out and have a grocery store in their garage (not all of them are, but most). That is NOT a realistic look at couponing. You can not go to the store and get $2000 worth of groceries for $1 every week. It isn’t real. Actually if you do a little research, you’ll find that one person on this show uses her coupons fraudulently. She might as well just go in and steal thousands of dollars worth of groceries. People like her are hurting those of us who use coupons correctly (and legally!!). Sometimes I get a lot of negative feedback for being a couponer. I have had cashiers who are downright mean, I’ve been cussed out by people in the line behind me (even though I always tell people behind me I have coupons), I have had people treat me like a theif and one time someone even called me that after getting a lot of stuff for almost nothing… I don’t understand it at all. I always make sure that I use my coupons the RIGHT way. I never clear the shelves. On the show there was a woman who bought 70 bottles of mustard. And her husband doesn’t even use mustard! Who needs 70 bottles of mustard? I will stock up on things that we use, plus I also give things to friends and family when they need it. Couponing lets me help people when I otherwise couldn’t. It allows me to make sure my family has everything they need. It allows me to stay home with my boys and still be able to contribute. I like making my hubby’s hard earned money stretch as far as it can. Couponing and learning how to shop better has changed my life. I remember when we couldn’t wash our clothes because we couldn’t buy laundry detergent until pay day. I will never go back there!

So that is my rant. I’m tired of the negativity associated with couponers. But sometimes I feel like I have the last laugh. Like a few weeks ago when some guy yelled and cussed at me. Well I spent $2 and he spent $90. Take that, jerk!

Ok, onto my shopping trip last night.

Smashed Potatoes game, Candyland game. Retail Value $28. I spent $14!

CUTE $40 Converse bikini, Huggies wipes, 2 M&M eggs, 2 bags of Skittles, 2 boxes of Skittles, French’s mustard, 2 Aveeno lotion, Oral B kids toothbrush, Up & Up Ibuprofen, Brita filters, 2 Visine, Connect 4 travel game, Fisher Price soccer ball, 4 Fruit Roll Ups, 2 Wishbone salad dressing, Olay lotion, Olay cleanser, 3 Ore Ida fries. Retail Value $124. I spent $37!

Pop Goes Froggio. Retail Value $20. I spent $5!

Total saved: $116! Plus I have  $5 Target card, and I will get 4 free Tombstone pizza coupons valued at $7 each!

Total saved in 2011: $3111!

My favorite deals: A cute $40 bathing suit for $6, games/toy for Easter and birthdays, free Aveeno/Olay/Fruit Roll Ups/Visine/M&Ms/Skittles! I spent a total of $20 on the games, and I will get 4 coupons for free Tombstone pizza valued at $28! Woo hoo!


One Response to “4/7 Shopping Trip! (and a tiny rant!)”

  1. Rebecha Catlett Says:

    I don’t understand the shelf clearing. I, like you, love to coupon….but I can’t justify 70 bottles of mustard. It would expire before we could eat it. Besides, what about the next shopper?

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