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Birthday party on a budget-Gift bags April 11, 2011

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We are getting ready to have my Aaron’s 5th birthday party this weekend. He picked a Spongebob party. (I’m pretty sure the only reason is because last summer he saw this huge pineapple cake at the grocery store, and he’s remembered it up until now. He wants that cake, I don’t think he really cares about the party, lol). I am not trying to spend hundreds of dollars on his birthday. I adore the little punk, but we have a budget to stick to. One of the most important parts of the boys parties (to me anyway) are the gift bags for the kiddos that come. This is so important to me because we love the little munchkins that come, and we want to show them that we love them and that we’re so happy that they came! I have actually been shopping for things for the gift bags since a little after Christmas. Sometimes you have to think outside the box a little, and that’s what I tried to do. Of course its easy to go to Target/Walmart/Party City, buy the big bag of candy and a bunch of expensive Spongebob stuff, but we just can’t do that. In total I spent about $17 total, or $1.54 for each bag. If I would’ve bought these things without trying to save money, it would’ve cost $138! Goodness! Plus since I’ve been shopping here and there for almost 4 months, the money didn’t bother us at all! Here’s what went in the bags.

-Full size Mentos-Regularly $0.88, on sale 2/$1, I had $0.50 coupons, so I got them all for free!
-Air Heads-Regularly $0.88, on sale for $0.69, I had $0.50 coupons, so I paid $0.19 for each 6 pack (only 4 went in each bag)!
-Krabby Patties-$2 for a bag of 30!
-Spongebob Fruit Roll Ups-$3 for a box of 20!
-Chocolate Coins-we thought they could be pirate coins :o)-$1 each on clearance for $0.25 for each pack of 9!
-Glittery balls-Regularly $4 EACH (what?!?!), I got them on clearance for $0.08 each!
-Bob the Glob-Regularly $1.50 each, I got them on clearance for $0.08 each!
-Bubbles-Regularly $3 for a 6 pack, I got them on clearance for $0.50!
-Spongebob baggies (for the candy)-$1 for a box of 20!
-Toothbrushes-Would’ve cost around $30 for all, I got them all for free!
-Pencils-$1 for a pack of six!
-Playdoh-$5 for a 10 pack, I got it on clearance for $1.21!
-Stickers for inside the bags-$1 for 8 sheets!
-White bags to hold everything-I used a $0.50 coupon off of $1.20, so only $0.70, plus I have 20 still left over!
-Stickers to decorate the outside of the bags-Regularly $3, I got them on clearance for $0.74

I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out! I wrote everyone’s name on the white bags, and then Aaron is going to decorate them with stickers. He also helped me put everything in the bags too. He’s very excited for his party. :o)


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