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Shopping, shopping, shopping! May 18, 2011

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Wow, I have not been doing great with keeping track of my shopping! Here’s a recap:

4/29: 2 Tilex, 2 Clorox, 2 Fruity Pebbles, 2 Schick Hydro Razors, Stayfree, 6 Butterfinger Snackerz, Scotch scissors, 2 Wrigley’s 5 gum, 2 things of milk, Banguet nuggets, Gain dish liquid, 3 baby formulas, Bic lighters. Retail $80. I spent $9 and got $4 back! :o)

4/29: My Easter clearance deals! Most of this will be used for something other than Easter, which is awesome. :o)Bubble machine, bendable bunnies, Swirl Art, 3D egg kit, coloring book, 4 placemats, polka dot bunny, 2 plates, 2 bowls, glitter glue, spatula, socks, Mighty Beans, 2 packs of grass, 4 magic kits, 4 gift bags, 2 buckets, 2 packs of Diego cars, checkers, puzzle kit. Retail $70. I spent $19!

5/1: I got $152 worth of goodies for $28, plus I got $35 back!! I got: 2 John Freida hair dyes, 4 Tylenol Precise, 2 Comet, Bic razors, Noxzema razors, Gum flossers, 3 Pepsi, 2 Colgate Maxfresh, 2 Revlon clippers, 6 Revlon emory boards, Crest ProHealth, 4 pairs of socks, 4 Hershey’s eggs, Hershey Kiss, 3 Egg kits, 2 packs of eggs, Easter potholders, Easter craft kit, Easter book, 2 Where the Wild Things Are activities, and a flower screwdriver. :o)

Here’s the rest of shopping since then, I haven’t even taking pictures!

Food Lion: 2 Tyson nuggets, Popsicles, Pictsweet veggies, McCain fries, Sister Schubert rolls, Huggies. Retail value $37. I spent $16.

Weis: 4 Barq’s 2 liters, 2 Pepsi 12 packs, 2 Silk milk, Yoplait yogurt, Parkay butter, 2 frozen veggies, 2 Digiorno Pizza & Cookies, Perdue chicken, Better Oats oatmeal, 4 Tostitos, Planters Big Bars. Retail value: $87. I spent $35!

Target: Glade candle, bananas, Nivea lotion, Revlon nail color, Up & Up nail polish remover, 3 Up & Up Ibuprofen, Halls, Dulcolax, Up & Up Peroxide, Up & Up Eye drops, Mead Addition and Subtraction flashcards. Retail value $32. I spent $4!

Walgreens: 3 Chips Ahoy cookies, Dulcolax, 2 Pampers diapers, Pampers wipes, Sunburnt Gel. Retail value $42. I spent $15 and got $12 back!

Rite Aid: 2 Hormel Compleats, EOS lip balm, Breathe Right strips, 2 Stopain Roll On, 2 Hylands leg cramp pills, 4 Motts pastries, 8 Act II popcorn. Retail value $80. I spent $1 and got $25 back!

Total saved in 2011: $3995!!


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